Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes

Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes. These Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes will inspire your next party creations from Candy Charcuterie Boards to Milkshakes. You will not only have delicious mermaid treats but show stopping displays of mermaid edible art.

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1) “Ariel” Mermaid Freakshake

“This Mermaid Freakshake is inspired by Ariel (one of my favorite Disney characters) and is perfect for a special birthday treat. Imagine the look on your favorite little mermaid when they see this!!”

The Recipe – Ariel” Mermaid Freakshake at The Soccer Mom Blog

2) Mermaid Cupcakes

“Mermaids are magical and will always have a special place in my heart.  With these mermaid tail cupcakes, you can create magical cupcakes that taste good too!”

The Recipe – Mermaid Cupcakes at Baking Beauty

3) Mermaid Candy Charcuterie Board

“Mermaid everything! Thanks to great movies like The Little Mermaid, themed parties will continue to be a top request in 2020. That’s why I was excited to put together some fun mermaid candies and treats to share as my latest candy charcuterie board ideas.”

The Recipe – Mermaid Candy Charcuterie Board at Cutefetti

4) Mermaid Jello Cups

“Mermaid Jello Cups are a magical way to celebrate a birthday or to surprise any mermaid lover! This fluffy jello mousse is topped with white whipped topping waves, colorful sprinkles, chocolate shells and a mermaid tail. They are not difficult to make but look spectacular on a mermaid dessert table!”

The Recipe – Mermaid Jello Cups at Finding Zest

5) Mermaid Candy Fudge

“What I wouldn’t give to transport back into time to the home I grew up in. I would curl up in my sleeping bag in front of the TV to watch my favorite mermaid flick on VHS. I can picture my Gram in the kitchen making dinner and a delicious dessert, like fudge.”

The Recipe – Mermaid Candy Fudge at A Magical Mess

6) Mermaid Hot Chocolate Bombs

“This Mermaid Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe is so much fun to make! Not only are they mermaid-themed but you can easily whip them up to enjoy! A nice cup of hot chocolate can easily make the stresses of the day melt away!”

The Recipe –Mermaid Hot Chocolate Bombs at Living Life As Moms

7) Mermaid Cookie Pizza

“A cookie pizza is an excellent dessert option that I believe is often overlooked. Mermaid fans will flip their fins over this tasty and magical treat.”

The Recipe – Mermaid Cookie Pizza at A Magical Mess

8) Easy To Make Mermaid Cake

Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes

“Make your own simple DIY Mermaid birthday cake using any cake mix and edible slime. This easy tutorial will help you create a fun kid’s birthday party ocean cake in under 2 hours from start to finish – baked, iced and decorated”

The Recipe – Mermaid Cake at Simplify Create Inspire

9) The Little Mermaid Oreo Cookies

Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes

“The Little Mermaid Oreo Cookies recipe are almost too pretty to eat. I love the tiny seashells and starfish. Perfect for a magical Disney mermaid celebration.”

The Recipe – The Little Mermaid Oreo Cookies at Dine Dream Discover

10) Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes

“Create a no-bake dessert that is sure to impress birthday party guests with these Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats! Featuring beautiful fondant mermaid tails, this treat on a stick is actually easier to make than you might think. Display them on your party table or use them as a party favor for guests to take home. Either way, these rice cereal treats are a great addition for your mermaid themed party!”

The Recipe – Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats at Finding Zest

11) Decorated Mermaid Cookies

“Elise is quite fond of the large, purple starfish that are native ’round these parts, so she requested one. She settled for green when mommy politely but firmly mentioned that we were not making more icing, but I could tell – a tantrum was a’brewing.”

Decorated Mermaid Cookies by Ruffles and Rain Boots

12) Easy Mermaid Meringue Bites

“These easy mermaid meringue bites are the best! So easy to make and the perfect bite size dessert for birthday parties or a baby shower.”

The Recipe – Easy Mermaid Meringue Bites at The Typical Mom

13) Dazzling Mermaid Puppy Chow

“Your eyes might be drawn to this fun recipe and how it looks but your taste buds will have you hanging around. Grabbing a handful or two is going to happen.”

The Recipe – Dazzling Mermaid Puppy Chow at 3 Boys And A Dog

14) Mermaid Tail Cake

“Step up your next birthday party with this do-it-yourself Mermaid Tail Cake! This buttercream mermaid cake is made so simple with your favorite boxed cake mix, fluffy buttercream, and some homemade chocolate mermaid tails.”

The Recipe – Mermaid Tail Cake at Confessions Of Parenting

15) Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Cupcakes

“I love these easy Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Cupcakes! It’s such an easy recipe for a Princess Ariel party, but they look amazing! Grab the easy recipe for dinglehopper cupcakes to make these in minutes!”

The Recipe – Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Cupcakes at Ruffles And Rain Boots

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Delicious Mermaid Dessert Recipes

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