Disney Donald Duck Inspired Brownies

Disney Donald Duck Inspired Brownies

Call all Disney fans! You will love how easy it is to make these Disney Donald Duck Inspired Brownies

No special cake decorating skills required and that is exactly how we like it here at Recipes and Joy.

Grab a box of brownie mix, a tub of frosting, food coloring, pipping bags and don’t forget your nifty Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.

 “Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own.” – Donald Duck

What You Will Need

How To Make

  • Prepare Brownies as instructed. Let cool 2 minutes, then turn out onto cooling rack and then flip onto baking sheet.
  • Let cool completely, then cut out Mickey shapes.
  • In separate bowls, place 1/2 cup frosting in one bowl with 4 drops royal blue. In another bowl, place ¼ cup frosting with 3 drops red food coloring. Then in the last bowl, add ¼ cup frosting with 2 drops lemon yellow food coloring. Place remaining frosting in pastry bag for white icing. Spoon other frostings into pastry bags.
  • Cut medium/small tips off of blue and white icing bags and small tips off of red and yellow frostings.
  • Take white icing and cover top half of brownie, including ears.
  • Then take blue icing and cover bottom half of brownie. Pipe small yellow line slightly curved on top of blue icing, towards middle of brownie.
  • Then take red icing and pipe small bow in the middle of yellow line. Then add a flattened oval between ears to resemble Donald’s hat. Then add a little slip with yellow to complete the brownie.
  • Continue with remaining brownies.

Serve and Enjoy!

Note: You can easily make a few cake pops with the left over brownies but I never seem to make it that far.
The scraps always turn out being a great snack while making these fun Donald Duck Inspired Brownies


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