Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes. Calling all Disney fans! You will love these Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes that you can create right at home. Check out all the Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes below and discover your new favorite recipe blogger to follow.

1) Air Fryer Patriotic Mickey Cinnamon Rolls

Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes

“Calling all Disney fans! You are going to love these Air Fryer Patriotic Mickey Mouse Inspired Cinnamon Rolls. No special skills required. Serve up these tasty rolls for your family and friends or even serve at your next Fourth of July party.”

The Recipe – Air Fryer Patriotic Mickey Mouse Inspired Cinnamon Rolls at Recipes and Joy

2) Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes

“These Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcakes are perfect for any Disney fan! Made with homemade cupcakes and homemade buttercream frosting these cupcakes are perfect for a Disney party!”

The Recipe – Mickey Mouse Cupcakes at Midget Momma

3) Winnie the Pooh Donuts (and Friends!)

Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes

“Nothing like a cute Winnie the Pooh donuts for a birthday party to make as amazing treats! Learn step by step how to make Eeyore, Piglet, Pooh, and Tigger too in the most delightful treat that will wow all your guests!”

The Recipe – Winnie The Pooh Donuts at Adventures Of B2

4) Hot Cocoa Beignets

Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes

“Hot Cocoa Beignets, a fun and favorite treat from the Disneyland Parks that you can now make at home! They are served with marshmallow whipped cream, warm chocolate sauce and topped with a tasty hot cocoa powdered topping. YUM”

The Recipe – Hot Cocoa Beignets at Discovering The Magic

5) Copycat Disney Dole Whip

Disney Inspired Dessert Recipes

“Enjoy your favorite Walt Disney World pineapple treat right at home! Cool off with this original recipe for Pineapple Dole Whip Recipe with just 3 easy ingredients!”

The Recipe – Copycat Disney Dole Whip at Momma Lew

6) Disney Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Sprinkle Dip

“These Disney cookies with cream cheese sprinkle dip are so more-ish! They are easy to make and PERFECT for the Disney fan. Also it’s worth doubling the recipe because these Mickey Mouse sugar cookies with a Funfetti Dunkaroo dip disappear fast. And I mean really fast! They are as cute and sweet as Disneyland itself. And you’ll be so glad you chose to make these sugar cookies and cream cheese dip.”

The Recipe – Disney Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Sprinkle Dip at XOXO Bella

7) Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats 

“f you’ve ever been to Disneyland, or DisneyWorld, you’ve most likely spotted these delicious looking Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats. They look just as delicious and magical when made from home too! So today, we’re here to show you just how easy this Disney Copycat Recipe can be made right from home!:

The Recipe – Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats at Well If She Can Do It

8) The Grey Stuff

“Nothing says Disney Entertainment like Disney food! And Disney’s The Grey Stuff recipe, with fine Oreo cookie crumbs and instant vanilla pudding, is a fun Beauty and the Beast Park themed dessert that can be served as is in a bowl with sugar pearls or piled high on a sugar cookie!”

The Recipe – The Grey Stuff at Salty Side Dish

9) Jolly Holiday Raspberry Rose Macarons

“My favorite treat at Disneyland are the oversized Raspberry Rose Macarons from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe at the end of Main Street and these copycat French macarons are as close as I can come to the real thing without going to the park itself! Tart fresh raspberries balance out the sweetness of the raspberry rose cream sandwiched inside delicate, meringue-like macaron cookie shells.”

The Recipe – Jolly Holiday Raspberry Rose Macarons at House Of Nash Eats

10) Mickey Mouse Bark

“We put together this Mickey Mouse Bark Recipe for you to enjoy. Give it a try and tell us in the comments your thoughts!”

The Recipe – Mickey Mouse Bark at Ottawa Mommy Club

11) Disney Inspired Belle Donuts

“Inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast these Belle Donuts are awesome! Using less than five ingredients, you can make fun-themed donuts right at home.”

The Recipe – Disney Inspired Belle Donuts at Brooklyn Active Mama

12) Adorable Mickey and Minnie Christmas Cake Balls

“For the holiday season, why not make these adorable Mickey and Minnie Christmas Cake Balls that will please Disney kids of all ages, young or old!

The Recipe – Adorable Mickey and Minnie Christmas Cake Balls at Ottawa Mommy Club

13) Donald Duck Inspired Brownie Recipe

Donald Duck Inspired Brownie Recipe

“Calling all Disney fans! Mickey Mouse is all dressed up as one of his best friends, Donald Duck. Serve up these brownies at your next birthday party or celebration. You will love how easy it is to make this Donald Duck Inspired Brownie Recipe. No special cake decorating skills required!”

The Recipe – Donald Duck Inspired Brownie Recipe at Recipes and Joy

14) Disney Tiana Beignets

“Here is a fun treat to make with the kids inspired by Disney’s Princess and The Frog. This Disney Tiana beignets are so yummy and fun to make with kids!”

The Recipe – Disney Tiana Beignets at Brooklyn Active Mama

15) Anna Frozen Cupcakes

“If you have kids who are obsessed with Frozen, you need these cupcakes. My girls have been crazy about Frozen since the first movie.”

The Recipe – Anna Frozen Cupcakes at Our Wabi Sabi Life

16) Mickey Snowman Cake Pops

“I am so excited to share this recipe with you because it’s SO easy!”

The Recipe – Mickey Snowman Cake Pops at Adventures Of A Military Family Of 8

17) Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries

“These Mickey Mouse chocolate covered strawberries are cute and yummy!  This would be perfect for a themed birthday party, Baby Shower, or for no other reason at all; than to enjoy them.( that is our usual reasoning)”

The Recipe – Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Adventures Of Military Family Of 8

18) Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies – Disneyland Copycat Recipe

“If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or Disney World at Christmastime, you know the magic that is everywhere! They have these awesome Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies that smell amazing and look super cute too!”

The Recipe – Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies – Disneyland Copycat Recipe at Well If She Can Do It

19) Disney’s Frozen White Hot Chocolate

“This Disney’s Frozen White Hot Chocolate is not only beautiful, it is delicious! This is a frozen white hot chocolate that is rich in flavor, and a festive drink. If you are a fan of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, then sip away with this incredible Frozen inspired drink.”

The Recipe – Disney’s Frozen White Hot Chocolate at Sparkles To Sprinkles

20) Mad Hatter Cupcakes

“These Mad Hatter Cupcakes would be so much fun at an Alice party! The recipe is a little tedious, but the directions are step by step, so anyone can do it!”

The Recipe – Mad Hatter Cupcakes at Kelly Stilwell

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