NASA Astronauts Kids Pen Pal Program. Did you know that kids can receive handwritten letters, diagrams, stickers and even autographed photos from NASA’s headquarters? Talk about a pen pal that’s out of this world.

Sound like something your child would love? Here’s how to get your letter from NASA.

Step 1

Read through astronauts’ biographies with your child and see what interests him or her about these “space sailors”. Perhaps your child is interested in hearing from someone who mans the International Space Station. Or, if they’re more into building and problem-solving, maybe they’d like to hear from a flight engineer for an expedition or a NASA representative. After reading through each biography, select a specific astronaut to write to.

Step 2

Have your child write why they’re interested in NASA or outer space. They can include things they’ve learned at school and a question they’d like answered by the NASA employee. They can even request an autographed photo! NASA responds to autographed photo requests for active astronauts (those assigned to upcoming flights or who are currently in training).

Step 3

Sign and seal the letter or autographed photo request with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to make it easier for NASA to reply. Then mail it off to this address:

NASA/Johnson Space Center CB/Astronaut Office Houston, TX 77058

Waiting to get a response is always the hardest part, but when they get that NASA letter in the mail, they’ll be seeing stars.

For more information visit NASA’s website here

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